the best year yet

So far, we’re still alive! The year’s not starting out so bad. On the way home from a great New Year’s Eve party this morning, we swung by Steak & Shake for milkshakes & snacks.

At some point, I stopped being vegetarian. I stopped eating well in most ways. I don’t remember the last time I ate a piece of fruit. (Wait. Do mimosas count?) I blame graduate school. I blame my time in France, the land of bacon. I blame everything but myself. I am completely, totally innocent.

We’re getting back on track this year. All of my resolutions center around health & food. Can’t have one without the other. For most of December, I’ve been excited about “officially” beginning work toward these resolutions, though things have slowly been getting under way.

So, what are my 2012 resolutions?

1. Get back to more whole foods.

I can’t count the pizzas we’ve ordered, made or removed from the freezer & cooked over the last four months. When my semester really got into full swing, I had no desire to cook. That, I can honestly say, had never happened before in my entire life. I was at a loss, & I allowed myself to suggest eating out; eating easier, faster things; buying more pre-made foods.

No more. Joe & I have all sorts of reasons for needing simpler, healthier meals–from financial to energy level to trying to eat more seasonally. We’ve both resolved to make 2012 the year the Betz family goes full-speed ahead with healthy eating, but doing it the right way. Rules we’ll live by:

  • Fast food is always a bad idea. We feel the regret (& indigestion & disgust at what’s really in that meat) before we even crumble up the wrapper. To prevent our late-night binges, we need to have some sort of snack on hand or back-up plan.
  • Utilize bulk sections. Our co-op has everything there–honey, grains, pasta, granolas, snacks, nuts… Not only does it save money & give us bags to use as bathroom trash bags, but it means we’ll waste far less food since it can be stored longer or bought in proper quantities.
  • Plan out the week ahead of time, & look at coupons first. Joe & I started doing this on October, which meant far fewer impulse purchases at the store & far fewer evenings when we realized that the cupboard held a list of ingredients that resulted in no meal. The approach helps the budget, the diet & the time spent at the grocery.

For the other food rules I live by, check out my old blog & the food rules series I did there.

2. Be involved with the agriculture behind what’s put on the table.

This one naturally works with resolution #1, but… We’re going to garden! I’m planning a longer post about this, as it’s been more difficult than imagined. We were hoping to use containers in front of the apartment, but it gets .5 hours of direct sunlight a day. We’re not searching for our new CSA, a plot of land to rent from a community garden & the best way to utilize our kitchen composting unit (similar to this one but far less expensive at our local co-op).

3. Get your body back on track.

This is more important than ever, as my class schedule is going to break me. Finance. Benefit-cost analysis. Law for public management. Statistics. Without good energy, my brain will turn to mush midday, leaving me wanting a nap and/or a bagel from the small dining center in the school’s lower level.

I haven’t really exercised–or rather, made time for it on a regular basis–in the past two years. Some of you will recall my 100 push-up & 200 sit-up training from last year, which felt great. Other than that, I just look at the exercise DVDs on the shelf & feel bad about myself.

Enough of that. This year: 4 times a week. 30 minutes each time. Whatever genre of exercise I choose–pilates, yoga, Tae Bo, Jillian’s certain death video. Allow a variety; choose based on mood. More than getting a gorgeous, thin body, I’m concerned with getting my insides to feel healthy, lighter & less sluggish again. I’m giving myself ample flexibility with this to prevent excuses. We’ll see how it goes, but this is the resolution I most need. Without time to clear my mind & get my body working, I won’t have any energy for my class work.

4. Make more French food!

Can’t wait for that. I’ve been going to town with my new cookbook, Bon Appetit, Y’all. So far, I’ve made twice-baked spinach soufflĂ©, bruschetta with collard greens, Georgia pecan-chocolate chip cookies and honey wheat bread, which has left the apartment smelling heavenly. You’re going to love the recipes I’ll have coming your way.

What have you resolved to do (or not do) this year? Everyone hates resolutions, fails at them & ends up feeling bad about the year by February. I feel great about 2012 (mostly because I’m still alive). I want it to be our best year yet–one we look back on as the foundation of our healthy living.

Happy new year!


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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