preparing for the new year

Here we are. And I honestly thought we’d never get here. Or rather, I thought the world would go up in bold bursts of Hellfire when we got here.

I’ve (mostly) gotten over that. Which is good. Because the world is celebrating it tomorrow. The new year, not the potential for bold bursts of Hellfire.

I’ve even gotten to the point where I believe that–should we all survive–this has the potential to be my best year yet. (How we should all feel about every year, right?) It’s the year where Joe & I will have less debt than the year before (exempted: my graduate school costs). It’s the year when Joe & I will feel like we really live in this small Indiana town–from gardening to biking to market-going & exploring new neighborhoods. It’s the year where I will practice patience in the kitchen in order to further develop my French cooking skills so that I can share all of that here.

But more on resolutions in the new year.

What better a way to enter the new year than with an amazing end to the current one? After a week with Joe’s family & a few days of my family patiently sharing our small apartment, I feel wildly fortunate & loved. Thanks to all for the gifts–from donations to causes I love, owls, kitchen & camping supplies, plus THIS, which I’ll be cooking through this year–starting with five recipes this week alone. I marked the recipes I want to do first. Obviously, at some point that stopped being helpful.

I’ve treated each day of this looong academic break like a real celebration–mimosas, reflecting on family memories, completely reorganizing our storage mess to give a truck load of things to Goodwill.

Today, I’m celebrating how good it feels to accomplish errands–running all over town before coming home to make my first soufflĂ©, a recipe I hope to adapt & share with you in the near future. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I hope you’re preparing your new year’s resolutions. I hope you feel like you’re getting the fresh start I’ve gotten. For now, I’m off to investigate more ways to get our apartment in a more efficient working order. Does anyone have good tips for organizing tiny kitchens?

P.S. I understand that Zooey was silly & married that guy from Deathcab (I mean, really?) but I think the world would forgive her if she just admitted that she realized she was born to be with Joseph. They’re the Hipster Hollywood dream team. As I’ve seen that video described elsewhere, it’s completely adorkable.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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