Sunday, holiday, rainy day procrastination

It is grey & raining. I’m sitting in a coffee shop with Joe, our Sunday ritual. Rather than working on my homework or starting to prepare for finals, I find myself staring around the room. I’m planning the rest of my day–cleaning our apartment, rearranging the kitchen after we finally got a piece of furniture painted the way we like, beginning Christmas baking (this German gingerbread recipe dipped in chocolate to remind me of the traditional European treats a friend gave me last year), actually doing homework. I’m reflecting on yesterday, which I can say with some certainty was my most happily married day in ages.

Joe & I spent the day doing small home improvements broken up with episodes of The Office watched together on our tiny couch. After applying the first coat of paint to our dry sink, it was time to get ready for what I hope will be a Betz family tradition: The Nutcracker.

I’ve been in love with the story for a long time–what child isn’t?–and have vivid memories of watching the ballet on PBS; having my mom read me the Little Golden Book version; and then doing the waltz pas de deux around my bedroom, wishing I could be a ballerina.

The Musical Arts Center was lovely and has a great line-up for 2012. The best part? Tickets for good seats (in the highest balcony, but still with a great view) are only twice as much as a movie ticket. So why not?

I couldn’t stop smiling after those curtains opening, partly because I was imagining what it would be like to have a little girl sitting next to me, wishing she were Clara or the Snow Queen (or a boy, wishing to be the Snow Queen’s Cavalier).

This season is so fully of family memories, & I am so happy to be sharing the holidays with family this year. I know a huge part of my distraction lately is that I keep thinking I’ll wake up tomorrow to find my family is on their way for a visit–the first holiday that Joe and I will host–or that it’s time to drive down to Evansville & spend evenings curled up, watching a movie with Joe’s sisters.

Advent has started, & my little candy cane date marker is winding down the days of my advent calendar (this style). December is passing. Baking is starting. Holidays are coming. My resolution list is growing… but that’s another post.

What are you doing to get ready (or convince yourself it’s not time yet) to get ready for the holidays?


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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