weekend de-stress

I’m feeling much more like a student again than I have in a long time. This means that when it’s overcast, my mood is much more severely dropped into a panic-stricken, saggy-eyed monster. Like the time (Thursday) when a class got cancelled, so I skipped everything else for the rest of the day to “get ahead,” then panicked looking at my to-do list & watched The Office. Or that time today when I woke up & wanted to skip all of my classes because I don’t understand anything that’s happening.

Obviously, my coping tactics leave a lot to be desired. I’m not saying this to start some navel-gazing post about how hard my life is. I’m just saying, I have a lot of friends with a very similar schedules, time constraints & fears… so how do they cope with it? Here’s what I’m (finally) learning works for me:

1. Forgiving myself: I spend a lot of time berating myself for the things I didn’t cross off. Other than saying the serenity prayer all the time & confessing to Joe how much I get angry at myself, I haven’t made much progress on this part of my life. That’s why I’ve started focusing on these other tactics more…

2. Getting a beer: I know. But when I was an undergrad, I felt guilty every single time I did something with friends–for wasting money, wasting time. This resulted in wasting a lot of potential friendships. I made a lot of really good, understanding friends, but who knows how many people just gave up on my reclusive self? So now when people invite me to things, I try super hard to go. Like last night. I went out for a beer. Then another beer. On a Thursday! I’m goin’ wild.

3. Yoga-ing: I’ve never taken a yoga class. I’ve met a girl who loves it & goes to the studio near our place. She insists that it’s lovely & not at all intimidating. She’s much more dedicated than I am, but I’m trying to remind myself that if she can find time for yoga calss, I can put in Rodney Yee for 20 minutes a morning. (So far, it’s happened once. I have high hopes for tomorrow.)

4. Baking: Unfortunately, the French-side of this blog is lacking. The goal is to make a new recipe each Sunday & let that be my reward for doing so much homework/reading that day. There are moments when I feel so pent up, that I know if I could just knead some dough or whip up some cupcakes I’d be right as rain. I’m going to feed (haha) that part of myself more & somehow reconcile that with the grocery budget…

5. Not doing anything I come from a family where this doesn’t really happen. We wake up, get to work & don’t usually stop until it’s time for the evening news. We usually make it about half-way through & fall asleep on whatever we happen to be sitting in. I’m getting better at spacing my rewards out through the day. Here are the rewards I like best:

Videos of baby pandas, like this:

or blogs with cute animals like this;
or listening to great stories on This American Life.

That should keep you busy for a while.

6. Researching natural hair-care: That’s right. I’m going aaaaall natural. At some point. I asked via twitter what people would like to see on the blog. The Bake & Brew suggested no-shampoo hair care. I’m willing to try anything that saves me money, so I’m digging into a lot of “research” (AKA Google finds) about baking soda, cider vinegar & how much warning you should give people near you that you’ll be doing an experiment like this…

I’m off to clean the apartment. We have a tailgate get-together tomorrow. Joe’s chili is on the stove, so it’s my turn to clean up the kitchen.

What are your relaxation tactics? What stresses you out most that you’ve had to bounce back from & what brought you back?


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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