autumn: on a boat

While I’m sure many of us should have been doing homework or catching up on reading, about 30 of us SPEA students headed out of Bloomington & into the surrounding landscape. Bloomington itself is adorable, with its small-town feel, tons of limestone & far-above-average number of trees; being flanked by national parks & lakes makes the town a nature lover’s dream.

Two pontoon boats were rented, & we met in the Target parking lot at ten, driving through wooded, winding roads to Lake Monroe. The day was overcast. Many of us weren’t wearing enough layers. Worth it.

And then the started blowing bubbles!

A friend snapped this picture of us, which is exciting because we don’t usually have pictures of ourselves. My hair looks incredible, right? (We’re cheers-ing with New Belgium’s Hoptober. Check it out.)Joe & I can’t wait to start exploring our surroundings more, heading out of town for Sunday hikes or weekend camping trips. We feel so lucky to be in such a little safe haven to start really growing the camping & envinromental sides of the Betz family. Today, we were supposed to head to the community orchard to help with part of their work day. I baked  pumpkin cookies (which I un-veganized with real eggs, real butter & homemade cream cheese frosting), hoping to make up for this sloppy, slow rain we’re having. Unfortunately, the rain ruined the day. Now I’m at home with boat loads of homework, a tray of cookies & leftover beer from the outing. Not a bad day, I guess.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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