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Another week, another pasta dish portioned out into our to-go lunch containers.This lunch made possible by Sam, my dear Indianapolis-dwelling friend who has planted her own organic-principled garden. We just contributed basil from our tiny plant & some penne. When it’s reheated, we’ll throw in ricotta. I recommend it.

Joe & I have had some serious money stress lately, thanks to our awkward money tie-up in France & the intense weekly debit card limit they’re sticking us to. American paychecks are coming soon, & while we’re hoping to continue the frugal living style, it’ll be nice to see those U.S. dollars coming in.

There’s a lot going on this week. It’s the second week of classes, meaning we’re both settled into a sort of routine; the newness has worn off. Homework (for me) & grading (for Joe) are in full swing… & that’s just with one of Joe’s jobs. He’ll be starting some online writing tutor work in the coming days, meaning we’ll be spending quiet mornings with lots of coffee & carefully shared computer time.

In other news, I was given a job at Starbucks before moving to Bloomington. They were incredibly patient with my while I got my I.D. information switched to Mrs. Betz, while I went through orientation, while I changed my availability, while I worked my first four-hour shift.

And then I quit.

There are loads of reasons why I should never, ever, never work at a Starbucks (though I’ll save my anti-corporate-coffee rant for another time). I’m not saying they’re a completely horrible company; they do some nice things for some people & some farmers. I’m just saying that I am not the person you want behind that counter, pretending to be invested in that product. Thank goodness for several things:

1. A graduate assistantship position that starts this week! That means I’ll be earning a higher wage, working during normal business hours & making connections within the department. I’m still envious of people that get all their tuition paid while they teach a class, but it’s a relief to see my previous education & the skill set it gave me finally going to some good use again!

2. A husband that is patient & supportive when I come home all shaken up & realize that I cannot make myself work at Starbucks. Wow. Lucky there. While I’m on this, we’re really lucky he has several jobs going. I need to pull my weight, I suppose…

3. Joe being up for our weekly grocery trips, even when he’s coming straight from a long commute & wants some dinner.

We’ve been pulling off some good food on a small budget, & this preview of how we’ll be able to garden (even slightly indoors) when we have our lives more figured out next spring has us rather excited. To compliment the garden-fresh goods we’re discovering, we got some basic staples (read: a lot of pasta). Then, on top of the chips & salsa we can’t live without, we allow ourselves one junk food splurge each week. (Not including the brownie mix I impulsively purchased yesterday to make myself feel better.)

This week, it was some ginger ale, which we have both found out we really enjoy. I think this happened while we were on our flight back to the States, when the hostesses had little to do but offer us another complimentary beverage. I also justify it, because it tends to be more natural than other sodas. Plus ginger has lots of health benefits, and that means you can consume as much of it in any form as long as you want! (Right??)

I sipped on it while I checked out our lettuce! We were originally planting these for nutrient-rich microgreens (that small, adorable stage just past sprouts when the plants are still loaded with all of the good stuff they’ll consume when they really start to grow). Now, we’re seeing how far we can take them before the roots start to bee too much for their small home. I think they’ll be a nice crunch on one day’s packed sandwiches.

And there you have it. We have jobs. We’re close to having monies. We’re learning how to eat mostly organic on a strict budget. This weekend, I have high hopes for the “being conscious” & “being French” sides of this blog: greening your face wash & making pain au chocolat. So, stay tuned!


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