staying positive

It is 11 p.m. I have just finished my calculus homework–an undergraduate class I’m making up that is proving to be more difficult than my graduate classes at the moment. I’m not a math thinker. It makes me cry.

No. Seriously.

So, to make up for the amount of fun reading & assignments I’ve been doing as the semester gets kicked off; to make up for the debit card I don’t have & the money I’ve yet to start making; to make up for the boxes still around the apartment & the single lady I’ll be this weekend while Joe has a camping adventure with his friends… I am making a list of the positive things in life.

Again, regular posts to this blog–posts that will hopefully prove useful for you–will resume this weekend, when I have time to close textbooks & sift through things. In the mean time, let’s focus on the positive. There are still loads of errands to run to get our life on track. (I mean, we still haven’t even found a post office or a recycling center, for Pete’s sake!)

1. Local groceries! Yay for 10 percent off for all students this week at Marsh–not exactly local, but it is regional. (Bonus: 10 percent off EVERY SATURDAY! Budget says, “What, what!”) We got loads of strawberries & watermelon & lettuce. My insides are excited for me to stop drinking so much sweet tea & eating so many snack crackers. We saved more than $13. Or as Joe says, it’s like we got the case of beer for free. #stockingup

2. Family! More specifically, family that sends you cinnamon & things you forgot. Family that helps you when you need it & doesn’t attach any reprimand or guilt to the help. Family that leaves you notes hidden away for you to find weeks later. Family that taught me how to do the ironing, cooking, budgeting, communicating & bike-riding that is keeping this tiny Betz family together.

3. Organized finances! You all know & love (& judge) me for my lists, but if it weren’t for the lists of bills we created together, the spreadsheet to track bill payment, the checking account transaction register (which I seriously doubt many of my peers remember how to use), the financial planner we have, I don’t think we’d be able to keep our heads above the murky waters of unmanageable credit card debt.

We’re still learning how to communicate about all of this, since we’re part of the generation that has learned to live off of debit cards without keeping an accurate register & relying on the Internet to tell you your balance. Joe & I still feel like we’re in a His & Hers set-up at times, but things are coming together slowly. I wish you luck if you’re working through a similar thing. Each day, we try to find a way to cut back–unplugging all appliances; turning lights on later; reducing light bulb wattage; growing food. I’ll also be checking out Real Simple‘s One-Day Financial Makeover. While I don’t think it will be ground-breaking or life-changing, I do think it will provide some wonderful pointers for all of us.

4. Stocked cupboards! Nothing makes me happier than when I reach into our cupboards & find ALL of the ingredients for peanut-butter-oatmeal cookies. Hoo-rah. That will be happening this weekend, in between the five articles & three chapters, etc. I have to read about the history of public administration bureaucracy policy management. (How are these all used interchangeably?)

5. Distractions. Distractions. Distractions. This particular one, a blog started to keep track of what I’m focusing on & learning about during my public affairs studies, is starting to take off. Check it out & give me some advice!

6. Finally ordering wedding photos! No, really this time. Target’s web site failed twice. Then the web site never SENT them to the store. I’ve finally ordered them for delivery. Happy 1-year-and-less-than-one-month anniversary to us!


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