and on the seventh day…

The collection of boxes around the apartment has been gradually dwindling. Joe set up the Nintendo last night. And the telescope, which now decorates the corner & reminds me of Disturbia. At this point, there still isn’t much to report in terms of things that aren’t my boring personal life.

Life is starting to settle into a routine–using today to make meals & breakfasts that will get us through our busy days at the start of the week; falling asleep at 10 p.m. when I sit down to start reading; scrubbing cat hair from random places around the apartment.

In our attempt to waste & buy less, I’ve been keeping surplus coffee in the fridge. While we love iced coffee, it’s gotten to be a bit more than we can handle. (Who knew we were so bad at guessing how much coffee we’d actually need to make?) After some Goodsearch-ing, I discovered that coffee can be used to fill in all of those mangled places on our furniture & door frames.

The people before us had a cat that clawed lots of wood off of the bathroom door’s frame. Now, the door smells like coffee & most of the nicks are covered. It seems to be working well, though I think it will take multiple applications.

To celebrate how normal our apartment is starting to look, I’ve finally stocked the pantry & started baking again. I got up early to make some pumpkin pancakes. (My batter was thicker, because I left out the oil. They were still delicious, so I recommend them sans oil.) I set the table with all of the pieces that we’d gradually collected over our engagement (hitting up clearance sections whenever I visited St. Louis). I put the coffee on. I felt like we were finally home.

While I couldn’t quite fit onto my chair for the boxes that surrounded it, we really enjoyed our first breakfast together at the table. After today (in which Megan makes the last Target run & Joe’s day helps clear away the rest of our boxes that can’t fit into our limited storage space), we’ll be done. Just two people & a bunny living a sustainable lifestyle in a mid-sized Midwest town. I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.

In other news, Baby, our Netherland dwarf who is convinced she’s more wild beast than tiny critter, has found her favorite hiding places & started to feel at home. As I write, she’s sitting at the front of her cage, staring at me until I open the door & let her fly out to do laps around the sofa & coffee table.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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