no rest for the wicked

The Comcast man has (finally, after several problems & mis-steps) come to give us zee Internet. The maintenance man has come to stop our freezer from slowly dripping into our fridge. The laundry is caught up. The floor has been vacuumed yet again. The kitchen is in semi-working order. Boxes are gathered into working piles. Joe has finished his first day of work. My tea has gone cold as I make a list of things left to do, cleaners left to buy and people I need to re-connect with now that our life is, like the kitchen, reaching some state of working order.

And that’s just today.

It feels like years since we drove out of Ohio for our first two nights in Bloomington, spent at the Super 8, where we shared our room with boxes and crates and suitcases that would provide a makeshift bedroom until we could get back to Ohio for the rest of our things.

That was last Tuesday. We began the real move on Friday–going from Ohio and back, then waving goodbye to Joe as he headed to his family’s and back with the other half of our things. Over the last few days, we’ve gotten all of our belongings into the apartment and… realized we own way to many things.

The amount of hangers I’ve had to purchase is slightly disgusting. We were hoping for a very minimalist, lots-of-floor-space, clean-lines apartment aesthetic. Based on the amount of furniture we need to store our things that aren’t furniture, that’s not possible. But I must say, I’m proud of us. Our apartment has started looking lovely, and we’ve spent zero dollars on decorations. (Okay, that’s not true. Over our several years of living separately, things came together. These things came largely from the Goodwill or family, so I’m still really proud of it.)

We are also not allowed to buy books for a very long time.

I’ll be posting pictures next week, when the boxes of things that won’t fit in the apartment are shipped back to Joe’s hometown for safe keeping.
– – –
In other news, I have successfully completed what SPEA euphemistically calls “camp”, a week of 4-hour math classes with 2-hour homework assignments designed to prepare us for the demands of the program we’re about to get started on. Thank God for the good beers we all had afterwards! I never thought I’d say this, but I actually enjoy finding the derivatives of things.

Classes start next week, & we’re preparing for them with orientation this week. I’ll be spending my mornings & early afternoons back in the my new home-away-from-home, the SPEA building, talking with people who equally detest plastic, love trees & hope to have a greener, safer, cooler future. Day 1 includes several meetings that prepare me for…

my new job! (No, not the Starbucks position. That’s job priority #2 now.) I don’t have many details yet, but I’ve been hired for an hourly GA position. Unfortunately, it isn’t the lovely package that helps (more qualifies, educated & intense) students pay tuition & rent. It is a well-paying hourly position that has few obligations outside of the paid time. Score! I’m excited to start building connections in the program.

I’m also excited to start fulfilling my obligations as ONE’s CDL volunteer position. Another busy week! At least this time, we come home to a full-sized bed, a full-sized kitchen & Baby bunny. More soon–with fewer gaps in between posts. Thanks for your patience, & I hope you enjoyed the updates.

More posts to help you live a greener life without sacrificing your luxuries or time soon!


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