ending year one

Happy anniversary to my husband! I’m a day late, but we were busy celebrating yesterday… It’s been a busy week, and I was happy to have a slow day to enjoy our first anniversary with him.

This year has been a multinational whirlwind, & as our first year closes things are starting to look a bit more put-together. It feels a bit like we’ve been getting dressed in the dark–we’ve finally flipped on the light & realized that we managed to put on matching socks.

Though our belongings, families & to-do’s are still scattered across the Midwest, the plan to get most of our life collected in one place is coming along nicely. My family spent a day at Trader’s World, a large flea market with everything you could possibly imagine, and Ikea. The apartment is coming together: greys and yellows; splashes of our French souvenirs; minimal clutter; a full-sized, fully stocked bed. We even went over the floor plan, deciding where our bikes would hang & large pieces of furniture would go.

After a week of family vacationing, running & panicking (that last bit mostly on my end), we lunched at a dinner in my hometown, where we’ve spent more than a few afternoons drinking too much coffee & planning our future. It’s where we made most of the decisions for our wedding & said goodbyes during our various stretches of long-distance dating. It was our first stop after we met with the church & officially made the wedding date August 7.

After dinner, we opened a bottle of champagne, cut into our wedding cake & sat outside in the reasonably cool evening air. My sister was kind enough to take pictures for us, so photo credit goes to Chloe.

I’m amazed when I look back at this year. I asked Joe if he thought we’d look back at year two & think it was harder or easier. We realized that it’s impossible knowing. They’ll just be completely… different. New & equally remarkable. We’ve learned so much about each other, but we all know that each day presents new challenges, making each year of marriage a whole new monster. Our challenges this year will look very different from those of our first year, & I’m excited to feel like we’re starting all over again in a way.

We’re a week away from the next major life phase, & with each hour I’m more anxious, excited, eager. For now, we’ll keep ticking off tasks & soaking up the last few days of family time before we staple our noses to the grindstone for three years. We have big plans, & they start now.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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One Response to ending year one

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam says:

    this gets a happy sigh from me. : )
    year two will be better. i don’t know what will HAPPEN, but i’d bet my money on it. it will surprise you by being better.

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