step 3: setting up house

We returned to the States on July 8, after a year in France. We’re going through a long re-entry process. Here are steps you may have missed so far:
Step 1: getting cell phones
Step 2: becoming Betz

I have spent the last hour & a half calling every café in Bloomington. I have four leads, a lot of rejections & an even longer list of people to try calling tomorrow. It seems like our life took several steps forward today.

I meant to wake up early today. That, shockingly, didn’t happen. We meant to head out early-ish today. We managed that. We got the truck scrubbed–round 1 of at least 2 complete. (There was a bit of a moisture problem inside while we were gone, & the resulting mildew has been erased. Huzzah!) We took another step toward understanding gardening.

While at Subterranean in St. Louis, I picked up the photo-heavy, filled-with-comprehensible-lists, perfect guide to container gardening. The genius behind You Grow Girl has published her second book, Grow Great Grub. Today, I finished reading the pertinent parts (& Post It-noting the bejesus out of them). I cannot recommend this book enough, especially for those among us who feel like they should not be in charge of any living thing. The list I made of seeds & small plants to consider buying is extensive, but I’m following Gayla’s advice: Wait until you see the space; evaluate the light; buy what can grow in that light.

I know look at every glass jar & plastic container in terms of what could be grown in it. I spend most of the day imagining how we can adapt the growing arrangements to take advantage most of the space–like growing our own sprouts on the counter or planting lettuce around eggplant to act as mulch & provide double the food in one pot!

More gardening to come, & I find that so, so exciting to type.It’s Joe’s turn to read the book before we finalize the crop list.The book was another detail that seemed to be helping our life fall in line.

Over our time in Evansville, the Listography list for our apartment has shrunk. It turns out that going through storage & unpacking your life from your closet can have some wonderful surprises, like two-person tents & sleeping bags. The number of family members we have offering us house-filling essentials (from dining room tables to sewing machines) is staggering. We even found an unused cookie press* & springform pans while helping Joe’s mom sift through kitchen supplies. Our world of cooking, crafting & self-sufficiency is EXPLODING.

Almost more importantly, we have (almost) finally taken the last step of wedding-ness. I created a book via iPhoto to use as a sort-of (semi-narcissistic) coffee table book. It’s much, much easier than getting the prints & trying to find a satisfactory photo album, though when we’re settled into an apartment I hope to get frames for some wedding prints to hang around the home.

Can you believe it? Well, I’m sure you can. It’s life, & it’s progressing, which is what life does best. Regardless, it feels like it’s going almost too well on days like this. I cannot wait to unpack in our apartment & start sharing real adventures with you.


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4 Responses to step 3: setting up house

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam says:

    container gardening: that i cannot help you with, since we had land enough to put our stuff in. that said, next year i will probably mess more with containers just because i can and would like to learn. i have tomatoes and ground cherries in pots, currently, and that’s going well. but tomatoes are easy to grow in pots. also, what’s this author say about topsyturvys? i’d recommend ’em if you guys have small space, but suggest putting them outdoors unless you have an ideal little sunroom area that you don’t care gets buggy. we’re finding ours are working well, even for our heavier variety of tomatoes, but they’re outside. (with topsies, pot of patio tomatoes, and garden tomatoes combined, we realized we have EIGHT TOMATOE PLANTS, GAWD!). so we’ll learn together 🙂

    • meganbetz says:

      The author likes the topsy turvy contraption and suggests putting a small plant on top, too… to help the moisture stay in and keep the tomato’s roots in check. She suggests basil. I say, “If only I could grow mozzarella cheese next to it, I’d have a ready-made salad.” So we’re plunking it onto our “balcony” (the space between our door and the stairs’ railing), with a basil above. We just inherited a grow light, so we’re going to try to start everything from seed this winter and transplant. Fingers crossed! I was hoping to grow coeur de boeuf (beef heart? Do we say that?) tomatoes in it… Not sure if they’ll hold up. We’ll see!! I CANNOT WAIT TO GROW THINGS.

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