Back from the Lou…

After a Friday afternoon of cramming in our favorite St. Louis locations (cafés, book stores & Welsh pubs), we arrived at Joe’s first (non-university-or-friend-affiliated) public reading, hosted at Rue Lafayette by Architrave Press.

It was an interesting venue–mix of café, antique shop, pampered puppy supplies (since the owner’s dog has its own design line & was celebrating its first birthday) & Francophile location. There were Eiffel Towers everywhere, French menu options & lots of WINE! Since I’m mooching off of my talented hubby, I got a free glass of Chardonnay. Cheers! Here’s how the evening looked:

I snuggled in with our friends from Metzing Around while many of Joe’s graduate school friends huddled in around us, including one friend’s beautiful daughter, whom I snagged a picture of while she was enjoying lemon cake. (Hope that’s okay!)

After the reading, we spent the rest of the night with Joe’s graduate school crowd, drinking good drinks, eating good food & catching up. So many of us are going in so many different directions that we’ll be spread across the country in no time! When the conversation died down & it was time to turn in, we headed home with one of our wedding’s groomsmen, a wonderful host & the owner of a dog!! I got to spend most of our time at his apartment cuddling & bouncing around with the pup while Joe & Patrick killed zombies on the PS3.

One of the most entertaining things about the weekend was the amount of couples either married or engaged that we got to speak to. I’m so excited about the directions all of our lives are taking: new locations, new jobs, new challenges, loads of new obligations & ambitions to think about. I feel so lucky to have friends that inspire me on a daily basis.

One of those couples were the Metzing pair we met in France. We went to our favorite pizza place & then back to their (gorgeous) apartment to meet the energetic kitten & just be generally happy in the way that our lives are shaping up. I’m so proud of my friends, & when I look at their lives I’m reminded that we could do more–push ourselves even harder–and that we’re all just getting started!

The next phase of the adventure begins Wednesday, when we drive from Joe’s family to mine. (Finally!) This means that JOE will be driving, since I still haven’t driven in the States, & I’m not sure how well I’ll handle the truck on the interstate…

Hope you had a great weekend! Enjoy the pictures & accept apologies for the self-indulgence–more educational & important posts coming soon, when my life is back in order.


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3 Responses to Back from the Lou…

  1. Heidi Lim says:

    Iris was ticked that she had been photographed unawares. 🙂

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