Back to the Lou…

We didn’t think this trip would happen for a while, but due to some happy circumstances we’ll be back in St. Louis for the weekend. (Does anyone else start singing Rebecca Black’s song every time they hear the words “Friday” or “weekend”? No, just me?)

Joe was invited to give a poetry reading at Rue Lafayette Friday evening, which was perfect. STL is only two hours from Evansville, so we’re looking at a lot less driving & a lot more time in the city with friends. Joe got his MFA in St. Louis, so he has lots of friends to re-connect with, lots of beer hot-spots to hit & a book store to visit again. (Joe was lucky enough to snag a few holiday & weekend hours at Subterranean Books in the “Loop” area of the city while he was finishing his degree.)

It will be a whirlwind weekend, with not enough time to see everyone there now. Our good friends from Metzing Around, who we met while in Nancy, have moved to the city since returning from their time in France. Our network there keeps growing, & it’s a city we’re keeping in mind for future Betz family homes. I’m looking forward to talking about how our Metzing friends feel about it as a potential family city. (Not that we’re potentially family. The rings are on… but as in we could potentially raise our family there. Someday.)

What makes us feel even more at home–on top of reliving our favorite places, seeing our good friends & looking at familiar sites–is that the reading’s sites is a French-inspired café, in a French-looking part of old St. Louis. Bring on the français! I realized that I haven’t spoken a word of it since I landed, & I’m disgusted with myself. We need to work on that.

So have a great weekend, & I look forward to telling you about our trip–so that I can brag about my husband & share our favorite places in STL with you.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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