step 2: becoming Betz

We returned to the States on July 8, after a year in France. We’re going through a long re-entry process. So far, we’ve accomplished step 1: getting cell phones.

Our marriage & departure date were so close that the Social Security office advised me not to change my name. My tickets & passport would not match; my credit cards would need updated, meaning they’d have 10 days in the mail. The process would be more complicated & risk having pieces lost in the Atlantic.

Now that we’re back, I’ve realized how many pieces of my life need to be changed to “Betz”… from e-mail accounts to credit cards. The only thing that’s been since our marriage was facebook. This made for interesting first days of class.

I decided–as I was writing my name on the board for the first time–to opt for hyphenation, just for the time being. Mrs. Megan Veit-Betz. I turned to the class(es), “Yes, I’m really married. Please, call me Megan.” This made French students, more attached to a certain order & bureaucracy of things in college than Americans, uneasy. I was called Professor (gross exaggeration), Teacher, Miss, Mrs. It took most of the semester, each time, to break them down. No one ever attempted Mrs. Veit-Betz, not even me now that I think about it–and I never came close to explaining.

The confusion is about to end. Today, I switched e-mails; I switched names on subscriptions to nonprofit newsletters; I switched blogs. That’s right. As of today, francofile has moved to WordPress. I hope you’ll subscribe, explore & watch as our marriage enters its second first year of marriage (since this was sort of a honeymoon year). There are loads of things to check out & get familiar with in the pages–lots of places that I love… & we promise to continue Where’s Joe’s Head? at our new location.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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