After graduating college, my best friend/wedding photographer moved to New York City. She’s spent the year dominating–reaching life goals & overcoming insane obstacles. We finally got to visit her when we returned from France, a way to sneak in a visit with her & eeeease ourselves into the United States. We had huge amounts of culture shock (from the huge buildings & the faster-than-a-fat-kid-eating-a-New-York-slice lifestyle), but the great beer, company & skyline helped.

It was great just roaming around her neighborhood in Brooklyn, which felt immediately like home. Here’s a sample of what we saw when we went out into the city. For more, check out our flickr.

South Street Seaportview from our Water Taxi stopManhattan Bridge, seen from Water Taxi
Grand Central & the Chrysler Buildingsubway spitting people into Times Squarehow we spent an afternoon looking at the Statue of Libertymy insanely long hair, myself & Rachel, our lovely host, on the Staten Island Ferrywhat I accidentally called the “Eiffel Tower”the tracks on the High Line, a track-to-trail project that’s creating a park above the street

We’re about to enter week two back in the States. We’ve sifted through all of Joe’s life tucked away in storage, visited most of his family, paid bills, fixed re-entry problems, gotten used to being on Eastern Central Time (forgot what part of Indiana we’re in!) & started to feel like we’re home again. More soon, but for now just enjoy some pictures, some sunshine & if you have it, some good beer. That’s how I’ll be spending the rest of the day–a nice, slow one after a week of really scrambling.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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